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For Too Much of a Good Thing.  :)
My story is featured on the Sshg Quiz!  I'm so tickled and surprised!!


Well, I did get my story written and sent to the sshg mods, and it was only a week and a day late.  The thing is that I actually worked and worked on it throughout the four months, but I could never get going with anything that would stay coherent over time.  I had to chuck my first three or so ideas, but I'm fairly well satisfied with what I did finally turn in, so all is well that ends well.

I always have a fit of inferiority when the exchange starts, though, and I realize how amateurish my writing is. 

Still...looking forward to the exchange starting to post.  Just another month or so to go.
Wyoming is burning.

Okay, well, not the whole state, but there is actually a fairly close fire that is still growing, and the town is smoggy and smoky and ash occasionally drifts down from the sky.  The town is in no danger, but we know some people 20 miles west who have been evacuated, though their property is on the far edge of the evacuation zone, on the plains, so I hope they will be ok.

The only thing I really have to complain about is the persistent sinus headache from the smoke.

In other news, I have started my exchange story for the second time.  I think this beginning is more promising than the first....

That is all.  We will no return to our regularly scheduled programming of Nothing.
After staring blankly at my prompts for three days, I HAVE AN IDEA!!!!!

So relieved.

I mean, the prompts were fine.  I think the prompter did a good job.  I just looked at them and blanked.

However.  I now have a fairly good plan.  It's a hard plan, but I like it.T

That is all.

I can't remember what all I wrote on my prompt, and I'm too lazy to look it up.  But I'm going to jot a few things down here in case you (lovely hypothetical author) need some further instruction.  Generally, I like both our protagonists to be fairly (though not entirely) confident and intelligent and not shivering messes (unless we are talking hurt/comfort, in which case I don't care if they start off as a shivering mess as long as they don't stay that way).  I like bickering/arguments/and even outright fights, but I like them to resolve or reveal underlying attraction.  I like it when S and H can both give as good as they get.  I like it when characters can laugh at themselves.

Also, I love mysteries, puzzles, and esoteric facts.  I'm not saying I need them all in a story.  But any of those things work for me.

And, just to warn a person, I get hopelessly confused when I read time-turner fics.  There is something in my brain that just don't get them.  I didn't ask for one, so I doubt you, dear author, have any idea of writing one.  But if you do, I will appreciate the effort, but I am afraid the storyline will probably be lost on me.

And if you are an artist/crafter, none of this really applies to you.  I will say, though, that if you are thinking about Jack Vettriano, I know some of his stuff is a bit racy.  I actually had some of less racy works in mind when I wrote the prompt, but do what inspires you.
I'm going to post something more specific about what sort of stories I like, just in case whatever fantastic, creative, wonderful person who receives my prompts needs a bit more about that (and I can't even remember what I wrote in the sign up at this point, because life is crazy).  BUT this is just a short note to say, if you are looking, please check back at the end of the week.  Both my kids just had birthdays and we have houseguests and we are painting the kitchen. So I promise I'll write something, but it won't be til Wednesday evening at the earliest.

Thank you!! 

And good luck...hope my prompts give you happy thoughts. 

All Signed Up

...for the next sshg exchange.  :)


So, yes, I've basically been missing from LJ for, oh, say, 15 months or so.  I'll put it down to the advent of my second child and all the attendant work/lack of sleep, along with a touch of postpartum depression and the feeling that I can never, never, never catch up with all the housework I ought to be doing.  My creative juices had run dry, and even if there was a bit of moisture now and then I either never had time to do anything with it or felt utterly guilty frivoling away my time writing.

But I've been feeling better lately.  I must be finally getting the hang of this 2 1/2 kids thing. 

To top it off, my husband found all the stuff we backed up off my old laptop before it died, and evidently there were pieces of several stories I'd started and he read them.  Then he came and found me and told me to start writing again.  This was one day before the sshg exchange posted its decision to do another exchange. 

The stars aligning the way they are, I am going to sign up again.

There you have it.  I hope that my current optimistic mood doesn't evaporate two weeks from now...

Feeling excited...

...about the exchange starting to post!  Squeee!